Farmer cheese mass with vanillin flavor 200 gr. 12 %
Farmer cheese mass with dried apricots 200 gr. 12 %
"Lakomka" cream cheese bar with poppy seeds and candied fruits 6%
"Belorussky" chocolate-coated cream cheese bar with vanillin 45 gr. 23%
"Kartoshka" chocolate-coated cream cheese bar with cocoa 45 gr. 15 %

Farmer cheese mass is produced on the basis of freshly prepared farmer cheese, sweet-cream butter, sugar, with addition of vanillin.

Farmer cheese dessert is produced from freshly prepared farmer cheese with addition of yoghurt, butter, sugar, fruit filler and stabilizer.

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Chocolate-coated cream cheese bar is a farmer cheese mass with a pronounced smell and taste of vanillin, cocoa, cookies, condensed milk and nut, covered with chocolate coating.


Thanks to gentle processing, we manage to maintain the maximum taste and biological qualities of milk.

Whole milk of local farms comes into production only after a thorough check

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Strict quality control at all stages of production in accordance with the requirements of Standards of the Republic of Belarus ISO 9001-2009, ISO 22000: 2005, STB 18001-2009 and Quality Policy