Molodechno Dairy Plant, OJSC

Delicious as always

We are one of the few enterprises in Belarus that produces more than 80 names of dairy products, which means that everyone can find something for themselves.

For example, add colors to your breakfast with cherry yoghurt.

We always strive to lead the industry and produce products worthy of our consumers’ and partners’ trust.

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Start your day with a glass of milk and useful tips, recipes or just good news ;)

Change is always for the better! This is the vision of our enterprise, and therefore, it continues to improve. As a result of rebranding, the packaging of our goods has been changed, including those familiar to many...

Just milk

Thanks to gentle processing, we manage to maintain the maximum taste and biological qualities of milk.

Whole milk of local farms comes into production only after a thorough check.

✓ Cow breeding conditions and outdoor breeding
✓ Feeding quality
✓ Milking and cooling system
✓ Delivery by our own transport

Strict quality control at all stages of production in accordance with the requirements of Standards of the Republic of Belarus ISO 9001-2009, ISO 22000: 2005, STB 18001-2009 and Quality Policy

Fresh products appear on store shelves on time, thanks to a well-established logistics chain and our own delivery service.

Such an approach could not go unnoticed:

gold medals in various categories

diplomas and prizes

grand prix "For the Stable Quality of Dairy Products"

silver medals in various nominations

"The Best Company: For Stable Quality"

Fresh news about products, companies, promotions, exhibitions and events:

Our brand dairy products are both popular in Belarus and abroad.

Our performance is up to world standards, and we are proud of the results of our work.